Operational Systems

Operational Systems are the tangible combinations of Tools, Resources and Processes that deliver a product or service. They consist of the Technology and People, residing and performing within the Organization Structure. Found in the world of Facts & Logic, Operational Systems are manifested in the form of designs, diagrams, charts, and worksheets.

Changing or improving the Operational System may be a goal in itself, when the desired outcome is relatively straightforward, e.g. delivering the end result better, faster, or cheaper. More frequently, however, changing product and delivery requires improving each component as well as the overall System.

In fact, when organizations seek to create completely new and innovative products and services, it often requires the creation of new Operational Systems as well.

Operational Systems: Areas of Expertise

Project Design and Facilitation
Innovation requires hard work. Kiron works with the organization to structure and implement a process that generates and deploys new products or ways of doing things.
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Performance Assessment & Process Improvement
Kiron uses a variety of tools to recognize what is working well and those areas that require more attention, and to develop the right plan to movethe organization forward.
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Transition Management
Organizations that thrive are the ones that anticipate change, examine critical success factors, and redesign and redirect their efforts. We help organizations every step along the way.
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