Transition Management

Industry: Global Pharmaceutical; Challenge: Merger

Challenges & Objectives
We are a major global pharmaceutical company with operations in over 200 countries. We were seeking to integrate another large pharmaceutical company in one of our major markets.

With a base of over 2000 employees and close to $1B in sales, our subsidiary was growing share and profitability. A corporate merger would add dozens of new products and over 1000 people. We needed to integrate these two entities effectively while not adversely impacting people, revenue and profitability.

The Work we did
Kiron provided a structured approach to collecting, assessing, and taking action on the broad range of issues from the merger. Teams were established and chartered - each tasked to manage the critical aspects involving people, products, processes and facilities. Coordination and reporting structures were put in place to ensure all elements integrated in a timely and effective manner.

The merger was a success.

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