Marketing Strategy Development

Industry: Commercial Real Estate; Challenge: Positioning for Growth

Challenges & Objectives
We are a US based commercial property syndication and management firm with properties in several mid-sized US cities. We are seeking to increase occupancy within our properties through innovative marketing approaches.

A Midwest Class A commercial office property was experiencing leasing challenges. The business environment for this region of the country had not experienced the kind of expansion prevalent in other regions with many downtown businesses contracting and in some cases moving to suburban facilities.

The Work we did
Kiron prepared a comprehensive Marketing Plan, organized and facilitated interactive problem solving sessions with all stakeholders (investors, property managers, and leasing representatives) to "fill in the plan". Competitive data was collected and existing, prospective and lost tenant interviews prepared and conducted. The Marketing Plan was completed with specifics for the Midwest property and templates for application to other properties.

By improving our focus on existing clients while dramatically improving teamwork, we experienced immediate occupancy improvement. We have attracted significant new tenants and expanded existing tenants.

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