Marketing Strategy Development

Industry: Pharmaceutical; Challenge: Coordinated Marketing

Challenges & Objectives
We are a U.S. based pharmaceutical company that has a strong global presence outside the states, especially in Europe, Canada and Japan. Our primary objective was to improve our Strategic and Tactical Planning by getting more thinking and ideas from a larger and wider cross section of staff.

For years our Country organizations had been run like "fiefdoms" with the Country Manager's primarily concerned with the success of their single country operations. The functional disciplines (marketing, medical, public relations, etc) did not have many venues or forums to share and consolidate data and information up and across the organization. Regional Meetings were invariably "show and tell" where a succession of speakers passed important information to an audience that listened and then returned to their regular jobs.

The Work we did
Working with the Regional VP and the Corporate Strategic Planning Executives Kiron helped plan, organize and implement three Annual "Market Planning" meetings. 110-150 people attended each meeting. Each of these meetings was held in a symbolically important location (Malta for example because of its long history of different rulers and constant change) and utilized unique and novel formats and structures, all of which were aimed at ensuring more input, discussion and collaborative problem solving. Importantly, there was also orientation and training for participants and workshop leaders as well as short learning modules on creative thinking and innovative problem solving. State of the art meeting management technology was also used.

At the conclusion of each meeting, every country had new and stronger marketing plans that used and leveraged knowledge and resources from other parts of the region. In addition there was more excited, energetic and productive implementation of the plans because many of the people involved in the implementation were also involved in the planning. Every participant went away better educated in technical and organizational issues as well as more skilled in creative thinking and teamwork.

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